Monday, March 5, 2012

The Blind Literally Leading the Blind

Eating whilst blindfolded is all the rage these days. And "Dans le Noir?" (which they translate as "In the Dark," when it should be "In the Dark?") is a restaurant concept that takes the blind thing to the extreme. All blind everything!

New York, NY-March, 5 2012-After Paris, London, Barcelona and St
Petersburg, Dans le Noir? opens its fifth restaurant in New York
City. Dans le Noir? enhances the patrons other four senses with the
ultimate experience of dining in the pitch-black dark. Convinced that
distinctiveness creates value, its founders and teams prove it daily
with 50% of staff with heavy disabilities.

Entering the lightless dining room, guests are guided to their seats

by a team of expert guides, most being blind. In New York City, Dans
le Noir? works closely with two local foundations "Visions and
Services for the Blind" and "Lighthouse International" to hire its
blind staff.

With its official opening on February 27th, Dans le Noir? has been

busy booking reservations as this groundbreaking concept reaches the
restaurant world of the United States. Located at 246 W - 38th Street
in the heart of the "Fashion District", not far from Times Square,
Dans le Noir? intends to be one of the most fashionable new addresses
of the Big Apple. This New York venue is managed by Marco Valente, a
New Yorker who has been in the restaurant business ten years with
starting his own restaurant at 19 years old.

The developer of all the Dans le Noir? branches has unique in its

blood, Ethik Investments an elite, independent and innovative group
of companies founded in France in 2003. The group is also developing
event and consulting activities worldwide and expect a growth of more
than 30% with an expected turnover between 9 and 10 million (USD)
this year.

Ph: (212) 575-1671