Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Eat It - dodici restaurant - long island, new york

since i am the first to contribute 'words' to this site, i am not sure whether there is a structure to follow, but i am sure that i will figure it out as i go.

all i know is that i was asked to contribute and far be it from me to deny such a kind request from my pal, colin, especially when i may just have something to say about a recent dining experience of mine. i can't hold myself out to be any sort of restaurant connoisseur or even a "foodie", if you will, but i do love expressing my opinion, especially if it's a negative one, which, lucky for us, this will be.

last nite, i dined at a restaurant (if you can call it that) named 'dodici', which apparently means twelve. my guess is that they are just compensating and are really are more like a 3, or 4 tops. since it is extremely difficult to find decent restaurants outside of the city (New York City obviously - there's only one city!), i quickly went to and searched italian cuisine on long island/hamptons.

well, unfortunately for me, i was nowhere near the hamptons, be it south, bridge, west or even sag harbor. i was, however, near rockville centre where again, unfortunately for me, so was 'dodici'. we arrived at around 7pm (on a thursday) so it was fairly empty. the room was quite spacious so i chose a table in the back (away from the loud, middle-aged, italian gentlemen and their stories about loose women). in hindsight that may have been the wrong move because after taking our drink order (just water) i had to go find my waiter so he could entertain the idea of taking our food order.

oh, did i forget to mention that the restaurant is decorated like a cross between the venetian and ceasar palace hotels? i know this was long island, but i'm talking tacky tacky tacky.

onto the food - we started off with the 'cozze alla fiorentina' or mussels in white wine sauce. the mussels were quite good as was the sauce, but i have a strange feeling it was because they loaded up on the garlic and salt. the sauce was very heavy (at least for a white wine sauce) albeit quite tasty so i won't harp too much. in fact, if it wasn't for the rest of the meal i would have had a better recollection of the mussels. as for the main course, three pasta dishes were ordered, and they included the 'tagliatelle verdi' - 'rigatoni alla buttera' - 'linguine marechiaro'. i had the rigatoni and i must say that it was one of the saltiest dishes i've ever had - it's been 24 hours and my lips are still withered. the sausage was barely edible and halfway through i had to just call it quits. the other two dishes fared no better and both were pushed aside before too long.

what makes a meal a disaster is not always the food itself, although i may be in the minority by saying that. this time, though, the food ruined everything. the discussion at the table turned to the unbelievable levels of salt that must be used at this restaurant and the fact that they seemed oblivious to it to boot.

i am a big fan of having a nice cup of coffee after a good italian meal and perhaps a piece of cake. 'dodici' took that joy away from me. they left me with a taste in my mouth that nothing but time could overcome and for that it will be forever until i return.